Worship at Christ Church

What do we do at our service? And what is our worship like?

Every Sunday at 10:30am

What do we do at our service?

In total, a Christ Church service is a little over an hour in length. Church members will lead us in Bible readings, prayers, songs and confessions following a what the church has historically called a "liturgy" - which is really another word for what Christians do when they gather.

We explain everything we do throughout the service, and you will be able to follow along with the prayers, readings on a printed service order and the songs on the screen. We encourage you to participate in whatever way you feel most comfortable.

Near the middle of the service one of our pastors will come out to share a challenging and encouraging message from the Bible, and then lead us in the the Lord's Supper - a meal to remind Christians about what Jesus has done for us! After that we will finish the service with more singing.

What is our worship like?

Our "worship style" may be a little more traditional and simple than what you are use to, but we hope it is refreshing. Our goal is that everyone who comes can be refreshed as they experience renewal by either discovering or recovering the good news about Jesus Christ.

A note about COVID Saftey

If you plan to come visit, you are very welcomed! We are asking everyone to wear masks while indoors unless you are eating or drinking in order to respect the latest guidance from LA county. Though social distancing is no longer required, please be respectful of people’s personal space as not everyone is ready for closer contact. As always, if you have any Covid symptoms, please stay home.